We are water experts

Our companies deliver handling solutions to boats and vessels on the seven seas, ensure access to clean water from the tap, and serve as the foundation for industries above and below the surface that provide the world with food, technology, and energy.

The name Entec Group derives from ‘environmental technology’ and represents our commitment as a holding company to owning and operating businesses dedicated to efficient solutions that are both technologically advanced and sustainable – always with a focus on water. Whether fresh or saline, water is the essence and unifier of all we do.

Driven by Innovation and Collaboration

As part of the world's premier maritime cluster, with roots in the Norwegian coast of Sunnmøre, we are steeped in the heritage and knowledge bequeathed by generations of seafarers. These legacies fuel our drive for continuous innovation – ensuring the solutions of today adapt to meet the needs of tomorrow.

We motivate our dedicated team to embrace innovation, think outside the box, and collaborate closely – with each other and with our clients. In doing so, we don’t only add value for our customers but also profoundly impact numerous small local communities by fostering sustainable growth and opportunity.

Positioned for Growth

We are strategically expanding the ENTEC family to include new businesses that share our core ethos – delivering efficient and sustainable water-related technologies. We envision a synergistic cluster of creative thinkers and value-generators, both attuned to customer needs and the health of our environment.

Entec Group is home to two principal brands: Evotec and Brimer. Brimer combines all composite operations of Brimer, Servitech, Norplast, Compocean, Utbyggingsteknikk, Norplast Piemare, and Norpartners. Evotec specializes in creating and supplying handling solutions tailored to the maritime industry.

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Our company values


We approach our clients and colleagues with passion, and a trustworthy and down-to-earth attitude.

Team Players

We're dedicated to identifying the perfect solution for each customer, united by common goals and a collective drive for excellence.


We assist our customers to adapting to the world's rapid changes, by delivering forward-thinking solutions that address today's challenges.

Creating Value

Everything we do benefits the customer, the environment, and society. By creating value, we secure jobs, tax revenues for the community, and sustainability.

Sustainability for the future

We develop our businesses in a strategic and sustainable direction with our environmental and technological approach to business. Our commitment to the environment, social responsibility, and ethical business governance is both important and inspiring.

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